Thursday, September 29, 2011


Well here are some more pictures of the project. The red cab is a cab that was donated to the Minnesota Transportation Museum Jackson Street Roundhouse and will be the simulator cab. The stand is a stand that was also donated and is originally from an EMD SD45.  The completed simulator of course will be an exhibit at the Jackson Street Roundhouse.
The throttle and reverser are built into the same module. I have already modified it and tested it with MSTS. I am posting the before modification pictures below and I will post the modified controls later. All the modifications are 100% removable and the controls could in theory be put back into service if needed.

The next project are the brakes. There are two brakes: the independent brake valve, which is the brake just for the locomotive(bottom lever) and the train brake valve is the brake for the entire train (top lever). There is a third called a dynamic brake that at the moment will not be included in the setup. I believe that lever is located where the blank panel is just above the throttle lever in the reverser unit.
I will post some more pictures and some links soon. If you are interested in building a train simulator I would suggest checking out this yahoo group:, that is where I started out.

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